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    Does anyone else find this, well ugly?

    Shawn Wallwork

      I like Tableau software a lot. But I've never liked the bounding boxes. I'm glad 7.0 changed the color to grey from blue, but what exactly is the purpose of having a grey dash line to indicate the layout container? The end user can't engage with it, and it sure makes the dashboards look ugly (see attached). Would Steve find this beautiful?

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          Andy Cotgreave

          Hi Shawn

          Thanks for the comments. Personally, when I was a customer (and now as an employee) I never saw this as an issue. Sure - it's not beautiful, but most times people are creating dashboards, they are sharing them on Tableau Server. The UI on Tableau Server is not so strong. In Desktop they need to be a bit more "in-your-face" as they are there to help you understand and build your dashboard layout.


          I agree we've made things nicer in v7. How would you suggest we go even further to make things more pretty?



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            James Baker

            There are mixed opinions even in engineering about the experience here.  We've cut the "outlining the associated viz" when you interact with a quickfilter, but then we've added this container-related outline.  We can't change too much more for 7.0, but please do keep the comments coming.  (Presentation mode versus non is one possible future path, or maybe interaction with contents versus the zone handle...)

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Great to hear 7 will stop outlining the quick filters! I hope that includes the color legends too. Also hope that blanks will be unselectable by the end-user. And James I think your suggestion of using Presentation mode is an excellent way of handling this issue. Bounding boxes are of course necessary when building dashboards, but my end-users don't really need to see under the hood. Thanks for listening.