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    Color Question - Red to Green To Red Diverging Diverging

      Hello friends -


      I've got a dual axis visualization where one axis is the average flow per hour for the past thirty days and the other is the flow per hour as reported on the current day, with the idea being that fat finger / dyslexic errors at data entry time can be made to pop out.  What I'd like to do is generate a ratio of the difference between the two values and then color based on variance either high or low. 


      What I can't figure out how to get is a gradient that will paint the way I'd like; really going too far from 1 on the monthly average / current day formula should flag the user no matter what direction the variance is.  About the best I can get is setting up a custom diverging with red on both ends and gray in the middle; which is OK, but I'd rather have green in the middle.


      Can anyone help?  Am I missing something simple?