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    Actions and Quick Filters in Drill Down vs. Stand Alone Reports

    Joshua Milligan

      I have a dashboard and several detail reports that will be published to Server for interactor use.


      Each report has a couple of quick filters such as the month/year.  This lets the user come directly into a report and use it in a stand-alone manner.  But I would also like to have the dashboard drill into the report.  When I set up an action, say from a time series where the user selects a single point in time on the line and then filter to the report I run into trouble.  The action and the quick filter seem to cancel each other out and data is only displayed if the quick filter value matches the action filter.  So, for example, if a user selects March 2010 from the dashboard and drills into the report they will only see data if the quick filter is also set to March 2010.


      I've tried a couple of different approaches:

      1. I've added the date to the page shelf and that seems to work except that it causes other issues with the report and I have other filters besides date.

      2. I've tried removing the date quick filter and showing a quick filter based on the action.  That works fine until I add in other fields to the action and suddently the quick filter goes from (Jan 2010; Feb 2010; Mar 2010) to (Jan 2010, East; Jan2010, West; Jan2010, South; etc...) which is not what I would like.


      Is there an approach I'm missing?