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    Drill down using multiple data sources

    . Richardriver

      I am trying to build an application that searches and locates very granular data on Netezza platform 9Billion record dataset. I am creating agregated views for performance reasons. The high level view  (extract) has category and  aggregated measures. The date range is via quick filter "slelect date range" ,which works great and fast. However the very granular dataset (live) takes a longer time to pull but is not as bad. I am using the first high level view as a filter, however it filters on the selection only, but not on the date range!. What do I have to do in order to get the 2 date ranges to be in tandem? (I am not showing any dates on the reports)...the data relationship between the 2 date set is set, but still does not work... any one there can help?