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    Selective Grand Total ?

      I have a table which contains 2 columns which tell me to which group does this record belong to, i use them to categorize the entries as shown in image.


      As for the

      Main Grp A

      Main Grp B 

      i already have them created in tableau.


      But i want to have another 2 columns which show me the grand total of  Group A and Group B  as shown in attached image.


      I would like to ask how can i create the 2 columns marked in red rectangle in image . I discovered a option of Grand total in Table menu item but as you can see it adds up all the rows irrespective of which category they are in.


      18 appears in picture where as i only want to add  total codes in Group A + Group B = 14.


      Same goes for %


      Anyone knows how can i preserve the layout of this table and display values exactly in a fashion as displayed in picture.

      Main Grp A , Main Grp B  , Total of Group A , Total of Group B    should be the main columns and should be in same order as shown.


      Any thoughts on how can i do a selective total ?