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    Scheduling Updates for a Published Dashboard

    Tobias Witte


      i am currently trying to configure a dashboard in a way, that it will be automatically refreshed. On the server, I noticed, in the "workbooks" section some of my dashboards allow the "schedule refresh" button and some, e.g. the one i would like to refresh periodically, do not.


      In the Knowledge Base i found an article (http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/schedule-extract-updates-60) that states : "Note: The Schedule Refresh option is available only if all the selected workbooks connect to an extract data source. "


      What exactly does this mean?



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          Tobias Witte

          Alright. I got that Schule Refresh Link to be activated. Now my goal is the following:


          I want to create a dashboard, that is based on a txt.file. This dashboard shall be published on my server. I'll have to make an extract to make the scheduled update possible. Now comes the tricky part.

          -> i want to update the text file. Then the scheduled update shall update my dashboard, without having to refresh my workbook inside tableau..


          Is that even possible?  Thanks for any help in advance.



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            Miron Lulic

            You have two options.


            1. Don't publish with an extract. You connect live to the txt file. Things are always up to date. 


            2. You publish with an extract and schedule it be refreshed at intervals on Tableau Server. There would be delay between the time you make the edits to the text file and when it is refreshed by Tableau Server. That delay depends on the length of the scheduled refresh interval you set.

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              guest contributor

              Actually i tried the first point several times. But it did not work.

              Any changes made to the txt. file produced changes in the workbook by pressing F5. But the Dashboard on the server did not update like the workbook. I really do not have any idea why.

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                Russell Christopher

                Tobias --


                On #1 - When you publish your workbook, are you de-selecting the checkbox "Include External Files" in the "Publish Workbook To Tableau Server" dialog?


                If not, then you are publishing a copy of the text file to Tableau Server along with your workbook, and that copy of the text file is being used to supply the dashboard with data. From what I have read, you don't want this :)


                So, de-select that option and make sure that the text file is in a place where Tableau Server can access it (like a file share to which the Windows Account that Tableau Server runs under has permissions).


                Good luck!

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                  Tobias Witte

                  Thank you very much, Russell! This little checkbox caused a lot of trouble. Now everything works as it should.