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    Quadrant Formatting on Bubble Charts

    James Pacey

      Hello all,


      I have set up a bubble chart (image and work book attached) that shows the average score of a category against its average volume.


      The chart is divided into four quadrants using average lines on each axis.


      I'd like to set the chart up to apply a different colour to the bubbles according to which quadrant they fall into.


      I've tried modifiying the percentile based formulas already on the forum but have had little success.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Joe Mako

          You only attached a .twb file with no data, if you attached a .twbx or sample data, so I made some up to try and match your image.


          The first thing to be aware of is your reference line on the "Avg. Score" axis. That is an average of an average, meaning is is an average of each category's average instead of an average of all data. I added a Total Average reference line to demonstrate this difference.


          I made a couple of table calcs that return the same results as the reference lines, and then compared the values, attached is the result.


          additionally, here is another display option for quadrants: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/ColoredQuadrant/ColoredQuadrant

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            James Pacey

            Thanks for the quick response Joe.


            Attempting to apply it to the data and currently it's only succeessfully partitioning the data by the total average of the score data (Horizontal line). I've traced the problem back to the "Average of Count per Category" calculated field - when the reference to this field in "quadrant" is replaced with the number itself, the quadrant partitioning works correctly.


            The "Average of Count per Category" formula is:




            I'm struggling to see why this isn't returning the desired result.

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              Joe Mako

              I am not sure. You will need to provide a packaged workbook (.twbx) that represents your situation.


              My first guess is you need to set the set the Compute using as in the attached image. This will apply that Compute using setting to all formulas/calc fields used by that pill.