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    Live data not refreshing on tableau server

      I have a workbook that connects to AsterData nCluster, and is a live connection, no extracts. When I open the workbook in desktop, the data refreshes when it is opened as I would expect with a live connection. But after publishing, I get what seems like a caching issue. If I open the workbook in tableau server after the database has been updated with new records (a day or two later), I still see the data as it was the day I published it. But if I hit the refresh button while viewing the workbook, the data is refreshed to the live data.


      I'm not sure if this is a tableau server caching issue, or an AsterData issue. Since everything updates properly in desktop, it makes me think something is up with the caching in tableau server. Any ideas?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey, Tim.


          This could very well be expected behavior based on how Tableau Server's cache settings have been configured. An "out of the box" installation of Tableau Server will have Caching set to "Refresh Less Often" (as seen in the "Data Connections" tab of the Tableau Server Configuration tool.


          "Refresh less often" essentially means "Keep the data you have indefinitely unless someone manually refreshes" - which you've been doing with the Refresh button.


          If you don't want Tableau Server to do any caching (always query Aster Data, no matter what), you can choose "Refresh More Often" in the Data Connectiosn tab. Remember that this is a server-wide setting, though. You'll be telling Tableau not to do data caching for ANY of your data sources, so be careful. Generally, caching is a really good thing when it comes to making Tableau respond quickly, but in your case, it may not be.


          Hope this helps!

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            Got the information from the client. They setup tableau with all the default settings. They have selected "Refresh less often". From the tableau conference one of the sessions indicated that caching was also dependent on two session variables: vizqlserver.session.expiry.timeout and wgserver.session.idle_limit. The client hasn't changed these settings so I'm assuming they are using the defaults of 2 and 4 hours.


            When you say refresh less often means "keep the data indefinitely", would that be true for any period of time? If I open a workbook in tableau server that is using a live connection and hit refresh, close it, then open that same workbook a week later, would I see the same data until I hit refresh again?

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              Ryan Komori

              We are experiencing a similar issue with Tableau Server. We have a live connection to a Vertica cluster with new data importing each day, and caching on our Tableau Sever set to "Refresh Less Often." It seems that once Tableau Server caches a dashboard under this setting, it does not overwrite the cached data upon refreshing the workbook or dashboard.


              For example:

              • User loads Dashboard A on 7/5/12 which shows all data up through 7/5/12.
              • When the user returns the following day and loads Dashboard A, it only shows data up through 7/5/12 (due to "Refresh Less Often" setting).
              • As a result, user clicks the 'Refresh data for this view' button and the data in Dashboard A refreshes and shows data up through 7/6/12 (great!).
              • User closes or navigates away from the dashboard.
              • User returns to the dashboard on the same day to see that it only shows data up through 7/5/12. The data retrieved as a result of the earlier refresh was not cached and the user must hit 'Refresh' again.


              Any assistance on this would be appreciated. Thanks!