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    Reporting Defects and Suggestions

    Erin Easter

      Please report defects or suggestions as quickly as you encounter them by emailing beta@tableausoftware.com. When reporting defects please try to include as much information as possible including your operating system, build number, screen shots, a workbook, and log files (located in My Documents\My Tableau Repository (Beta) \ Logs).


      For the pre-release software the Tableau development organization handles all questions and problems. Continue to work with Tableau Customer Support for any questions about Tableau 6.1.


      Find more answers to your questions on the Beta FAQ page.

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          Mark Isaacs

          I'm looking forward to working with the new Filled Maps chart type.  The new features' notes indicate that this is available at the country and state/province level worldwide and for the U.S. at the county level.  I expect there will be a lot of demand for this at other levels as well - eg, sub-provincial in other countries - and hope that some mechanism will be made available for users to define their own regions via some form of a polygon definition file.  I don't know where or how this geographic information is stored in V7, but I see this as perhaps an external utility or process that prepares and stores the user's own data, somewhat analogous to how custom shapes can be set up in the My Tableau Repository\Shapes folder.

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            Andrew Sawyer
            Hi, Having had a bit of a play, I do have a couple of suggestions. I understand that they may not make it into this release, however I would hope that they would make it onto a 'future request' list that will be actioned down the track. I would note that they both relate to Microsoft Analysis Services datasets:
            1. Server-side KPIs - I would love to see these added as quite an amount of work has been invested in building a robust set of KPIs in our data source for reporting purposes, however Tableau doesn't show them at all.
            2. Folders for sets - It is possible to group measures and calculations into folders, and Tableau honours these. It is possible to do the same with sets, however these folders are ignored by the application.
            One final suggestion, which may or may not have been included in the upcoming Tableau Server 7.0 - please please please honour the security matrix in MS Analysis Services in the same way that the desktop application does. This is one of the major reasons why we have not rolled out the use of the Server application to anyone other than senior management. Thank you for taking these points into consideration. Andy
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              Andrew Sawyer

              Oh - one more suggestion.


              Allow different chart types on the dual axis reports.  It would be great to see a monthly budget/actual bar chart with a cumulative line chart off the other axis as can be done in Excel (see attached)

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                James Baker

                Andrew, on that last one all you have to do is A) select "Multiple mark types" from the Marks card pulldown menu, or B) pick a different mark type from either of the dual-axis measure pill pulldown menus.

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                  Joe Mako

                  James, I believe in most cases to recreate the Excel chart in Tableau would be a little more involved because Tableau does not easily produce clustered bars, and if Budget and Actual are separate measures, then the data would at least need to duplicated because you can only have one Measure Values/Names.


                  I think the attached is easy to do in Tableau, as James said, but if you want a closer representation of your Excel chart, I do not believe Tableau was designed to create that exact view, with clustered bars, and would be more involved to replicate it in Tableau.

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                    Andrew Sawyer

                    Thank you both for your feedback.

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      I agree with Joe. Doing Tableau dual-axis charts has some real limits. It seems to me that much of the difficulty could be solved if each axis could have its own independent Mark Shelf & secondary data source Measured Values/Names could be configured and displayed on this second shelf -- but then I'm user, not a programmer, so I'm clueless as to how difficult this would be.

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                        James Baker

                        Each axis does have its own independent marks shelf, but Joe makes a good point about MN/MV being singular.

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          James, I guess I wasn't clear about what I was suggesting. I realize each axis has what you consider to be independent marks shelves, but what I mean is a completely separate set of marks shelves that could use the secondary data sources Measure Values/Names to display those sets of data without having to use calculated fields and parameters as a work around -- especially since these calculated fields do NOT pass through the number formats from the original measure. Specifically what we do a lot is show a set of measures on one axis with a mix of $ # and % formats. When we try to then add the same sorts of data from a secondary data source we can't do it using Measure Values/Names and have to resort to calculated fields, which makes it impossible to mix number formats -- at least I haven't figures a work around, and support didn't have one either. (Maybe Joe or someone else has a solution.) Hope this was clearer. Thanks for help with this problem. Shawn