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    Labels for multiple mark types

    Nathanael Geman



      I am currently using a dual axis in my graph because I would like to have the measures shown by Color (using a ‘Line’ mark type) but also by Shape (using a ‘Shape’ mark type) for the same data set (I dropped it twice into the ‘Rows’ tab).

      My question is the following: is there a way for the legend to combine color and mark type? Currently there are two separate legend boxes, one for color and one for mark type, but because they refer to the same data set I would like them to be one and the same. I'm assuming this is not possible as Tableau can only support both mark types by considering them as 'separate' data sets on the same graph.


      Please see attached photos for reference. The legend boxes is a screenshot of what I currently have and the Mock-up graph is the desired outcome.