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    Hints on Tableau Server Hardware specs

    Rhys Newell

      Hi - we're about to embark on setting up a Tableau server implementation and are wondering if using the recommended server specifications ( taken from a powerpoint presentation I've located elsewhere in these forums ) , how many concurrent users we might expect to serve reasonably using just the 1 server ?  It is intended that as the implementation scales up that we would add additional servers but we're trying estimate at what point that may be.  The server users will be using workbooks that don't live connect to databases, but are refreshed during automated extractions, if that will have any bearing on performance ?  The server specs we utilize are likely to be  Windows Server 2008 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, Fast RAID-5 Drives, Gigabit Network Card, 8 Fast CPU cores. Is this still the ideal server specs for guarenteeing performance fo 50 - 100 concurrent users?

      Thanks Rhys

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          James Baker

          The answer is "it depends".  Even if you're using all extracts on the data engine, your concurrent performance will depend on the size of the extracts, the mix of unused/used views, and a few other things.  Additionally, the definition of "reasonable" performance varies widely from person to person: for me I draw the line at a few extra seconds, while some people are perfectly happy to wait 30s or longer for one particularly nasty view.  If a viz that normally takes 3 seconds is taking 6, is that reasonable?  So it's hard to give an exact number of users.  There's also the variability of the ratio of concurrent to active users, which we usually estimate at about 10% but could vary quite widely for short bursts.


          Sorry I can't be more help.  My gut wants to say "oh yeah, you should be fine at 100 concurrent, even up to 200-300 on that kind of a machine" but I just can't assign much weight to that assessment given the complexity of this topic.

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            Kelly Grant-Leanna

            How much RAM will Tableau Server actually use?  The server we are currently using has 24 GB in it, because somewhere along the line that was recommended to us.  If it's a 32-bit app still, can it even use anything over 3.5-4 GBs?



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              James Baker

              The Tableau Data Engine is 64-bit software and can utilize lots of RAM.  Don't expect to see very high RAM utilization though, other than under heavy load with large data sets: It doesn't aggressively pre-pull all data into memory, it does so only as needed.