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    Multiple measures on same chart

    Kevin Mayall

      I have a very simple data set with regions (numbered 1...n) and three columns with values for inflow, outflow, and net flow (inflow - outflow).  I'm trying to create a graph that displays the extent of the inflow and outflow, and overlays the net values. 


      I've made a dual axis bar chart with the inflows and outflows, and have a separate row for the net values as shapes (see attached), but can't figure out how to overlay them on the same chart.  Similarly, I've been able to create a dual axis bar chart with Measure Values as Rows, but don't want to plot the net values as bars (see attached). 


      I think I'm almost there but not quite.  Any suggestions to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.  Perhaps there are other chart types that I should consider.