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    Easy way to have multiple measures + calculated reference lines on same chart?

    Catherine Peloquin



      I have data from a survey that was done two years in a row.


      The data is of the form:

      Year Participant_ID Q1_Answer Q2_Answer Q3_Answer .....


      What I want to do is create a bar chart of this year's average response to the questions, with a reference line that indicates last year's average.


      The trick: I want to be able to show multiple related questions as the bars on a single chart.


      Is there a way to accomplish this without creating a ton of calculated fields? I have >75 survey questions, so simple is best.


      I have browsed the forums here and seen examples of a bar chart + reference line for 1 measure, but what I am trying to do complicates things.


      Thank you very much for your assistance,