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    Hierarchical Drill-down action filter

    Steve Martin

      Hi all,


      This has probably been asked before so please accept my apologies if so (I couldn't find the answer using my subject title).


      Using the Superstore sample, I have created the hierarchy 'Location' as: Region; Customer State; Zip Code and the viz as Location (Region) on the columns, Sum(Profit) on the rows and Region on the colour.


      I have already worked-out how to create global filter actions but what I am trying to achieve is to use this viz as a global filter for itself to drill-down into the hierarchy:


      The viz is placed in the dashboard and when the user double-clicks Central, the viz drills into the Central Region only to just show only the Customer States for that region: Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas & Wisconsin; Connecticut, Alabama, Arizona etc would not be present.





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          guest contributor

          Has no-one been able to come up with a solution to this?

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            guest contributor

            Hi All, I finally worked it out.


            (Cannot upload workbook from this pc)


            Assuming you are using the superstore sample, create a "Location" hierarchy using Region, State, Zip


            Drag Location to the columns shelf and sales to the rows shelf to create a bar chart.


            Create a dashboard and drag this sheet to it.


            To perform the drill-down:


            1. Move you cursor over Central, it shall highlight grey)

            2. Double-Click so that just Central shall be shown

            3. Place your cursor above the 4M mark on the X axis, a small 'plus' icon shall be displayed - click-this

            4. Congratulations, you are now drilling into a specific data-set


            Just be wary that going back-up isn't as easy as you need to manually clear the filters before drilling-out I am using quickfilters to do this.

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              John Miller

              This is a great way to drill into your data - thanks for sharing.  One limitation is that this only works for vertical bar charts.  If displayed as a horizontal bar, the dimensions in the hierarchy simply expand with each layer of drilling which takes up precious real estate.


              Ville Tyrväinen has come up with a great approach using action filters, but at this time it doesn't allow for comparison of the children within a hierarchy on the viz itself (e.g. selecting "US" shows the measure for US in the viz > selecting a particular State shows the measure for that State in the viz, etc.)  Drill down alternatives

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                Steve Martin

                Cripes this thread is old (3.5 years), asked that waay back when I had just started using Tableau, great to see people are still asking and looking into finding new ways to develop the tool to suit.