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        Marc Engle

        Has anyone noticed that release 7.0.5 appears to break the sort capability when using a table calc in this case?  I have made a dashboard (can't share it because it is proprietary info) based on Joe's workbook from early in this thread.  The "In Top N" calculated field is on the rows shelf with the sort set manually to "True" then "False"  On 7.0.3 and prior, this woked fine so that the "Others" row that is aggregated showed below the top n selected.  We just upgraded our development server to 7.0.5 and now my dashboard gives and "Unable to display the view for the sheet 'Fam Top N'" error.  If I open it in desktop 7.0.5, the "In Top N" field on the row shelf gives me an error that says the sort is invalid.  Once I clear the sort, the view works again, but the "Others" line is always at the top and I would prefer it to be under the top n values.


        Anyone run into this yet on 7.0.5?




        PS..I was able to get around it by forcing the evaluation of the "In Top N" calculated field to be an actual If/Then statment with the true value being before the false value in the alphabet and then updating all the other calculated fields that use "In Top N" to use that new value.  That way, the default sort was the true value on top and then the false value on bottom.  It seems as though 7.0.5 is having trouble with custom sorts on a boolean value that is a table calc field.

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          Phillip Marsh

          Yes, #@$@# I have noticed this as well.  Thanks for the work around! I have several reports using this feature and have been struggling to figure out why they suddenly broke.


          This does not appear to work:

          If [Index] <= [Select Top n]

          Then True

          Else False


          As soon as I manually sort to have True first the "In Top N" breaks again.

          If I leave if off the rows shelf things appear to work but really.


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            Larry Hill

            This is good stuff. The two issues I am having with this is turning off the Bars and having it format correctly as a simple text table and when showing "Others", they are not sorted properly by Avg but rather alphabetically.


            TOPNvs Other.jpg

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              Tyler larsen



              I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am having the same problem as Larry Hill above. Essentially I have created this work-around for the TOP N List, but now I want to add additional measures, sort of like a spread sheet. I need to add at least 3 more columns, but below is an example of trying to add one more. You see this is a outgoing call log for a call center, where all the outgoing calls that are not in the TOP N are bucketed as others (for digits dialed, aka phone number). Having a count of each outgoing bucket is not enough, I still need to add average duration and total duration. However, when I use the "show me" drop-down and select text tables it ruins my set-up. Can anyone please provide any help using the original sample workbook as an example?


              Since this report is using a huge 10M row database on Tableau Server I will not actually be able to attach the workbook, but if someone could show me the same sample workbook in the thread with customers and average sales, lets say a person wanted to add two additional columns, profit (already a measure in workbook), and profit ratio a custom formula in the attached workbook.


              If you could please update the original example to have 3 columns of data value instead of 1 it would be greatly appreciated. I also understand if this work-around I am mentioning is not possible.





              Column Issue.png

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