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    Groups, sets, and updating data extracts

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      I have a database field called "Discipline."  Any customer may select up to 6 disciplines.  There are 54 options, and the choices are concatenated and stored in "Discipline." Values are delimited by "::"


      Example data for three records

      A) Agricultural Sciences::Microbiology::Genetics::Physiology::Organismal Biology:: Developmental Biology

      B) Agricultural Sciences::

      C) Agricultural Sciences::Plant Science::Other Life Science


      I successfully created a "Set" of all values containing "Agricultural Sciences."  The condition I used was By Formula:  (CONTAINS([Discipline],"Agricultural Sciences"))


      However, the person requesting the report really wants to see a total/aggregate of all values containing "Agricultural Sciences" -- essentially, they want to know how many people have selected "Agricultural Sciences" as an option.


      So, I created a group, which worked! The bad news is, when I updated the data extract, there were NEW combinations added into the database (example: "Agricultural Sciences::Plant Science::"), which meant I had to go in and update the group manually to include this new option.


      My question is:  Is there any way to save the criteria for a group so that new values are automatically added into that related group? So that when I update the database, I don't have to manually update the group? If there is some way to automatically add a set into a group, that would do it...


      PS -- I did not design this database, and am not opposed to asking them to separate out the fields  :)