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    Waterfall Chart Help

    Jason Krantz

      I am looking to display our revenue to gross margin walk and I am trying do this via a waterfall chart in Tableau. I found an excellent post here at http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/support-waterfall-charts and found an additional example at http://www.freakalytics.com/2009/11/17/wc/, but I cannot get the waterfall chart to work.


      I believe that the problem revolves around how my data is structured. If I take a screen shot from the “Standard Waterfall” Freakalytics workbook at the link above I see the table is structured with the “Category” running down the rows. The data I am working with has the various cost categories running across the columns. The attached Excel file contains some fictional data in the structure of my report. Columns AF-AL contain the figures I want in the waterfall. I have about 300,000 rows of data currently in this format.


      The attached Tableau workbook shows where I am at right now. If I could offset the individual segments of the stacked bar that might give me what I need. Let me know if a waterfall chart is possible with the way my data is currently structured and if not, what I need to do to get it into a waterfall chart. Thanks!