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    Inserting background images

    Fiona Hudson

      Just wondering how to insert a background image on something like the example below? I don't have "green" fields in columns and rows...



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          Joe Mako

          I am not sure it is possible, nor can I think of a situation where that would be desirable.


          How would an added background image not be chart junk in this situation?


          If it is something you really want to do, you can export the image (in a few different ways), and use another application to place the chart over an image, but of course this would now be a static image.

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            Fiona Hudson

            In the instance above, I wanted to use a 90 per cent  washed out image of the man the chart related to, with the image carefully chosen to fill mostly the bottom right hand corner and in no way impinge on the bars. Not chart junk! An artistic addition.

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              Joe Mako

              I do not believe this is currently possible in Tableau.

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                Margie  Holz

                Just wondering if this is possible yet in Tableau. I know you are fast at creating enhancements so I am just following up because I have the same question. Thanks!

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                  Matt York

                  Still not possible, Margie, but your feedback is noted.

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                    Patricia Santillan

                    Joe - looking for something similar.  We just got back some CSI data about the passengers on our bus service. I wanted to create a dashboard which displays characteristics about our typical customer and make that dynamic depending on the type of service.  I envisioned a bunch squares with a washed out image of that dimension along with the maximum category and its percentage.  For example lets say 58% of the passengers surveyed are women.  I would love for the number 58% to appear with the word Female (because this is the maximum of that category) on top of a washed out image of the femal/male symbol.  I threw together an example in Excel except the images are not washed out.  I wanted to paint a picture of our "typeical" passengers as it relates to education, ethnicity, age, gender, income level, auto ownership etc.  Is this possible with Tableau and do you feel this is chart junk or helpful?  I was hoping to come away with something you might find in a magazine that explains a particular subject. 

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                      Shawn Wallwork



                      So Tableau is totally the wrong tool for creating a static infograph like you 'might find in a magazine.' But with a bit of trickery I was able to produce this:



                      Using only Tableau! Although I must say, it's not an easy thing to do, and it misses the whole point of Tableau software.(File attached)