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    10 user concurrent license

    . Fdgsogc91

      I understand that there is a 10 user concurrent license that can be purchased with Tableau Server.  I also understand that URLs of reports on Tableau server can be published in SharePoint or any webpage for that matter.


      Question: If I post a URL from Tableau Server for a given report to a SharePoint webpage, and if eleven people click on my SharePoint link, will one person be locked out or seeing that report (due to teh 10 user concurrent feature) or is that only in effect when they log directly onto the Tableau Server web page?

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          Robert Morton

          Hi fdgsogc91,


          With a standard Server license your users will need to be logged in to Tableau Server in order to view pages embedded in other locations such as SharePoint. This license limits the total number of named users, regardless of how many are concurrently using the system.


          If you would like a license that supports numerous concurrent users, please contact your Sales rep and ask about either a license with Guest support or a Core-based license.



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            Alan Kwan



            Came up to this post and was not too sure from the wordings.


            So do you mean that, if I have 10 named users (a,b,c,d,e,f...j), 15 people can be on the server at the same time, with some people using the same account concurrently?




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              James Baker

              Alan, these licenses are called "seat"s.  Having 10 seats means that 10 people can use your server.  Sharing the Tableau Server login accounts in order to avoid paying for more license seats is a clear abuse.  However, those 10 people can be looking at as many different views as they like, and there is no "concurrency" limitation.  If a 10-seat license is being called a "10 concurrent user" license somewhere, it is only in the sense of 10 concurrent *seats* - that is, if one person leaves your company, you give their license seat to another person.


              Hope that helps.  You can also, as Robert mentioned, buy Tableau Servers that do not operate in named-user licensing mode.

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                Alan Kwan

                Thanks James By all means, we are not trying to abuse it at all. I just want to get clarification and proper procedures! Thanks