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    Background image for Month (x-axis) and Volume (y-axis)

      Hi - not sure if the this is the right forum group to post this in, but I am steadfast in believe that given the right data structure, proper joins/relationships, and calculations, one should be able to add an arbitrary image behind a worksheet as a background image.


      The goal here being a very simple "there were Y amount of hits in month X" set of data, with an arbitrary background image behind to visually reinforce the context of this graph on a small, busy dashboard with other similar graphs.


      See first attachement for goal.


      I've been trying to follow the directions here http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/background-image-coordinates but they seem to fall short of relating the data to different sheets with different values (and data types).


      The rest of the attachments are my progress so far. Using dates just isn't working out. I'm willing to do calculations for dates so they can be numeric if people think that will be more compatible...


      What kind of join relationships, SQL queries, and/or calculations can I make to achieve this?

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