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    Put X-Axis Labels UNDER graph, not in header!

      Am I missing something? I've dragged the x-axis labels from the header area over and over again to try and put them under the baseline where they should be, rather than in the header.


      However, I either accidentally remove all x-axis labels, or duplicate them in the header region.


      The closest I've come is to have a copy of the header labels below the graph, but the labels under the graph keep segmenting too granularly, and do not reflect what I want (group-wise).


      Anyone have a tip? I find it strange that by default you cannot place x-axis labels UNDER graphs...


      First attachment - exactly what I want for the x-axis, but it should be UNDER the graph.


      Second attachment - all I can figure out how to do. And when I try to hide the top date, both top and bottom disappear. I don't want the dates segmented within the 3 groups anyway, there should only be three groups- one for each date.


      Why is this so difficult?