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    Overlapping Text

    Elizabeth Coleman

      Hello,  I am getting an 'overlapping text' error when I place Fiscal month showing all values on the Level of Detail shelf.  Can anyone tell me how I to fix this? 

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          Joe Mako

          This looks related to Re: Status Bar where I just posted a reply.


          Does this resolve your issue?


          The reason you see overlapping text is because you are using the Level of Detail shelf, and you are not filtering, or your table calc does not have the compute using set as you want it.


          An easy way to think if the level of detail shelf is "show more marks".

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            James Baker

            You're essentially saying that you want to see text (marks) for every Fiscal month.  You can place Fiscal Month on Columns or Rows if you simply want to get rid of the overlapping.


            But you're probably trying to get your table calculations to "run over" every Fiscal month?  While still having only one result value?  That's my guess, I'm not sure exactly.  I'd recommend starting with an understandable table shape, then after you get your correct answer in the last column (for example) then add a filter on a table calc to hide the intermediate columns (or simply hide the headers via right-click, though that's less future-proof).

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              guest contributor

              I have two data sources and I am linking them by ID. I do not however wanbt the id to show in the table/graph. One way to make this work is to put ID in the detail shelf. However I want the numbers in the table to sum across groups of IDs. The grouping are found in one data source and not the other. So what happens is that I get overlapping numbers instead of a sum across each group when I put the grouping attribute into rows. How can I rectify this?