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    Combining Bar Graphs and KPI's on one worksheet

    Ian Devonald


      Does anyone know if it is possible to combine a horizontal bar graph and a KPI indicator graph on the same worksheet.


      I'm trying to replicate the graph on the attached 'ideal-graph-layout' on one worksheet - as per Stephen Few examples -  ie. you have the bar graph, Indicator if outside of certain limits and the actual value.


      I can create the two graphs on separate worksheets - and place on a dashboard but am concerned that when data is expanded/contracted that they will become out alignment.

      Ideally I would like to have the two graphs on the worksheet so that they stay aligned - I've tried several different ways but can't quite get it to work (see attached workbook).


      If anyone can advise if they know how to do this, or if they don't think it's possible.

      Many Thanks