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    Tableau 6.0.6 on VMWare running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, 64-bit

    Mike Crook

      We recently completed a upgrade project for Tableau Server.  See details below:


      Previous VMware Environment

      •            Tableau Sever 5.2.4

      •            Windows Server 2003 SP2, 32-bit

      •            RAM = 4GB

      •            Processor Count = 1 vCP

      •            Disk Space on D = 12GB


      Current VMware Environment

      •            Tableau Sever 6.0.6

      •            Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, 64-bit

      •            RAM = 4GB

      •            Processor Count = 2 vCP

      •            Disk Space on D = 20GB


      After the upgrade, we are experiencing a massive performance loss.  Views are taking 2 mins to display when they used to take 10 sec.  We even installed Tableau Server 6.0.6 back on the old server as a test, and the performance loss went away.  We are working our way through a checklist of items (e.g. virus software settings, firewall config, ISA config,etc) to find the cause and are beginning to focus on how the VM server instance and/or how Windows Server 2008 are configured.


      If any other Tableau Server clients are using a similar infrastructure as we are, we would greatly appreciate any configuration information you can share.  This will help us as we prepare our support call to VMware and Microsoft to troubleshoot this issue.  Please contact our Sale Rep, Chris Johanson, for my contact information.