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    Using a parameter to filter dynamic dates

    . Matthew

      I have seen some examples on the forum using dates and parameters but I am having trouble applying them to what I am after. As an example I have sales figures recorded by date (eg. Superstore Sales) and what I would like to have on the viz is a parameter that offers the user capability to view sales by different date periods: -


      - yesterday

      - this week

      - last week

      - this month

      - last month

      - this quarter

      - last quarter

      - custom


      In the last option (custom) the user would get the opportunity to select the date range on a calendar - either drag to highlight or start and end dates. This bit is really icing on the cake and if it's not currently possible in Tableau we can live without it as long as we can get the rest.


      So in other words what I am trying to get is an individual parameter working as a dynamic date filter. Clearly I am going to need a calculated field but all the energy I have put into solving this problem so far has produced heat rather than light. Any ideas how I might go about this?