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    Calculated member with Excel data set

    Lea Sp

      I have a data set with a Dimension called Color, and I have several members including Blue, Red, and Yellow. They have one measure called Widgets. See screenshot for how the data is set up.  I have an additional member called All Colors.  This is supposed to include the number of Widgets for the three colors, but will have additional data because I don't know the number of widgets for other colors.  But I would like to calculate this excess and make it a Dimension called "Other Colors" that I wish to use as a member to compare against Blue, Red and Yellow.


      I believe what I need is a Calculated Member, but it appears I don't have that option with my data set and I'm assuming it's because I'm using a simple Excel data set and not a multi-dimensional database.


      Is there a way to accomplish this with just an excel database?