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    Feeding what goes on rows and columns shelves via a parameter

    Steve Wexler



      Andy Contreave has an excellent post about user created views at




      I need to expand a bit on this idea as I have about 100 measures and I want to create a scatter plot that compares one measure against another by selecting the X-axis measure and Y-axis measure from a parameter drop down.


      One method that Andy exploits is to create a calculated field that looks like this:


      IF [Choose bar] = "Sales" then Sales

      ELSEIF [Choose bar] = "Profit" then ([Profit])

      ELSEIF [Choose bar] = "Shipping Cost" then ([Shipping Cost])

      ELSEIF [Choose bar] = "Unit Price" then ([Unit Price])

      ELSEIF [Choose bar] = "Order Quantity" then ([Order Quantity])



      My issue is that I don't want to create a conditional test for the 100 possible measures.  Now, the parameter strings and the measure names are identical. With this in mind, is there any way to tell Tableau to take




      and turn it into






      Note that the approach I hope to use works fine with dimensions.



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