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    Parameters & Formatting

    . Matthew

      I regularly use parameters in order to change various aspects of a chart.  This is a great way of enhancing user interaction at the same time as neatly cutting down on the numbers of charts that are needed.


      This method is fine up to a point.  However, if for example I am using a parameter to change the units shown on an axis I come across a couple of problems - the name of the axis title doesn't change along with the parameter value but stays the same as the name of the calulated field that I am using to manage the process.  And the same goes for the number formatting.


      To illustrate the point I have attached a packaged workbook based on Superstore Sales which shows 2 dashboards.  The first is made up of 4 charts each showing a different measure by weekday.  Each of these measures is formatted differently as per the Field Properties>Number Format right click menu option - there is currency, units, percentage and a custom 'days'.  The vertical axis on each chart is also individually shown according to the measure name.


      The second dashboard shows what I have called a multi-function chart.  This changes use according the parameter selection made in the single value list.  The problem here is that the units do change when the parameter values are selected (based on some built in logic present within Tableau) but they do not reflect my preferred settings.  Equally the axis title doesn't change from 'Vertical Axis' (the name of my calculated field).


      Is anyone aware of a method to overcome these sort of issues when using parameters in this way?