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    How to display only 1 axis label on a dual axis view

    Matt Shoemaker

      I have a list of events with start and end dates.  The data looks like this:


      Event Name, Start Date, End Date

      Event 1,  07/21/2010,  07/26/2010

      Event 2,  01/16/2011,  01/21/2011


      I have Start Date and End Date on the columns shelf and Event Name on the rows shelf.  The mark types for Start Date and End Date are Gantt bars.  The columns are set to dual axis and they are synchronized.  Both axes are fixed to only show 7/1/2010 to 7/1/2011.


      A screenshot is attached showing what the view looks like now.


      I would like to only show the date axis label at the top or the bottom, but not both.  If I deselect "Show Header" on either column pill, both axis labels disappear.  I would also like to be able to choose the axis position (top or bottom) because this view is used in several dashboards that are intended to show correlation of these events to other measures (e.g. retail or tax revenue).  Sometimes this Gantt event view will be the top element of the dashboard and sometimes it will be at the bottom so it would be nice to be able to only show the axis label once for the entire dashboard and to specify the position.


      The best that I can do for now is to format the text of one of the axis labels to white and select "None" for the ticks in which case the text disappears.  This is pretty good, but it still leaves an empty space where the axis was (see 2nd screenshot).