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    Parameter/Filter calculated field not working on the server

    Andrew Watson

      I've created a set of dashboard reports using multiple parameters as filters in attempt to create dashboard level filtering. These parameters work perfectly in Tableau 6 but when I publish to the server one of the parameters no longer works - but the others do work. This doesn't seem logical to me.


      I don't want to publish the workbook as it contains a lot of proprietary information so instead I'll describe the parameter setup and the associated calculated field which acts as the filter.


      The parameter filter is returning a user selected month. The full month is displayed in text form (i.e. January, February, etc) but the actual parameter value is a date in each month (i.e. 1/1/2009, 1/2/2009).


      The calculated field which acts as the filter is simple. Month(MonthSelectedInParameter)=Month(DateToFilter). The value of this in the Filter is set to True.


      Both the parameter and calculated field set-ups are attached.


      On the server the parameter does display all of the months and allows the user to select a month - but the data doesn't change.


      I'm based in the UK and the server in the US. Could this be a problem with US date being different to the UK? mm/dd/yy vs dd/mm/yy? By using Month() in my calculated field I assumed this wouldn't be a problem.


      It doesn't make sense to me why it would work in production but not on the server.


      This isn't the first weird issue I've had of things working in production but not on the server - I've had problems with random quick filters just not appearing although other quick filters on the same dashboard do appear so this can't be attributed to licensing. I would rather raise this as a separate post rather than confuse 2 issues into 1, but perhaps the server has a few bugs with it?


      Thanks for any help you can give.