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    Tableau Server Status: Degraded

    . Zottower

      I don't know what happened to my tableau server install.  The tabsvc service will start, but when i check "tabadmin status" on the command line it says...


      Status: DEGRADED

      'Tableau Server Database' (3360) is stopped.

      'Tableau Server VizQL Engine' is stopped.

      'Tableau Server Web Application' is stopped.

      'Tableau Server Repository' (2932) is stopped.

      'Tableau Server Background Task Processing Service' (6112) is stopped.

      'Tableau Server Load Balancer' (5816) is stopped.



      Why are all these things stopped and how do I start them? 

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          . Zottower

          One thing that I want to try is doing a backup and then an uninstall then an install.  I'm currently running 6.0.4 and would go 6.0.7.  The problem with this is that I cannot even do a backup given the status I describe above.  I have tried backups two ways: the normal way (tabadmin backup FileName -d) and the unsafe way (tabadmin backup FileName --unsafe -d) but both do not work and say...


            *** Database connection failed.  The tabsvc service is not installed properly or is not running. 


          I've tried this with both tabsvc running and not running.  Help help help

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            guest contributor

            I have the same issue here.


            I have also noticed in the event log on that server, shed loads of Warnings about "Restarting dead component", and then loads of errors saying "Detected dead component 'Tableau Server WEb Application (8003)' but is has been restarted too many times already".


            Zottower, have you found a solution to this problem?





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              . Kohavi

              I've seen both these issues.


              The dead component was happening a lot in version prior to 6.0.6. We stopped seeing it in 6.0.7, but also added more memory to the server than what was called for.


              Backup - we see this issue at the beginning of every monthly upgrade, adn it seems to be related to permissions. Admin 1 gets the error, but Admin 2 does not. Both have the same permissions on the box and the domain. The one difference is that Admin 2 also has admin permissions on the SQL server running on the box. It doesn't make sense, but that is what fixed it for us.