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    Filtering on Row Grand Total

    Orien Mcglamery

      I would like to filter on the row grand total.  I only want to display records were the Grand Total Number of Records is > 6.

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          Joe Mako

          You can filter on a table calc, eg.

          , but you will to ensure you are setting your partitioning correctly.


          can you post and example packaged workbook that represents your situation.

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            Orien Mcglamery

            I only want to display couses that have >5 students in them.  This would be when the Grand Total Number of Records is > 5.

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              Joe Mako

              The limitation you are experiencing is a combination of order of operations, level of aggregation and partitioning in relation to Total/Sub-Total. You could have your filter, but without the Total and Grand Total Columns/Rows. The Totals are addressed and partitioned before the filter to Total>5 can be applied, so either the Total rows will report incorrect values, or you will get a dialog telling you cannot have a discrete measure and Total at the same time. This is because the Totaling operation is performed before or separately from the aggregation to get your Total>5. It kind of makes sense, that in order to check if the Total is above a value, you have to calculate the Total, and Tableau does not return to calculate the total again after filtering on a table calc (or discrete measure).


              At least that is what I am able to gather from observing the behavior of the application. I would be very interested if someone else can share their experience or understanding of what is going on, the above is my current guess.


              I suppose you could make a calculated field for each column, 10 calculated fields, a pair for each of the four Grade Groups, and a pair to replace the Grand Total columns.

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                guest contributor

                Hello Team,

                I downloaded the latest trail version of tableau. I am Facing an issue while filtering the data. Below are the details.


                I have created a Product information in a Cube Dimension.

                Product Code (This attribute is Unique and is not visible on Cube) When I do a MDX query at SSRS [product].[product code].[1234] it is working fine and resulting me the product title(which is visible at cube and an attribute)

                When I try to implement the same logic on Tableau, It is not giving me result. I hope this scenario is very common usage at SSAS and SSRS. So I just want to know how this can be achieved at Tableau.