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    ...I could individually "Edit Alias..." for each repeating column.

      I have a calculated field, "Weight"*, that either displays shipping weight in kilograms or pounds depending on the Column dimension of "Transportation Mode".  The report is split down the middle, with the Transportation Mode of Air Exports on the left pane and the Transportation Mode of Ocean Exports on the right.  The Weight is used by both panes and filled accordingly.  No problem.  But the report must have "Kgs" as a header for the Air Exports and "Pounds" for the Ocean Exports header.  When I edit the alias of one the other changes to match.  I want to be able to change one to be different than the other instead of them both being the same.


      Or give me the ability to have the header changed based on a calculated field :-D  Might as well shoot for the moon!


      *For those in the shipping business it's actually Kgs and TEU but I didn't want to have to explain what a TEU is so just roll with me :-)