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    Two independent "Measure Values" pills on dual axis chart?

    Nopparit Intharasombat


          I am trying to create a dual-axis chart where the two axes contains two different sets of measure values.  Usually when you create the dual-axis, one axis will become primary axis and can contain 1+ measure values and labelled "Measure Values" and the other will become secondary axis and also can contain 1 or more measure values.


          When my secondary axis only have 1 measure value, everythnig is fine .  But when I have 2 or more on the secondary axis, it will label the pill "measure values".  The problem is the two "measure values" pill are (I guess) the same entity and whatever I do to one will also be applied to the other.  My question is can I create another fake "measure values" so the two "measure values" can be independent of each other?  Please help.