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    iPad feedback

    Man Wei Tam

      First of all, thanks for considering the iPad as a platform. Here's some quick feedback:


      The good:


      1. Overall everything behaves as it should on an iPad. By this, I mean that I didn't have to think too differently in navigating the site.

      2. Map code is cool. Being able to scroll and zoom is fantastic. As is the selection box.

      3. I like the way the dialogs come up for the slider and choice controls but I'm wondering what it would be like without them. The text is no bigger than normal text so selection should be pretty accurate.



      The bad:


      1. It doesn't feel as responsive as it could be.

      2. A dismiss button might be helpful in the dialogs - tapping away feels a bit weird.

      3. Scrolling a page is a bit strange because you have to find an area that isn't already handled. The "Satisfaction by Customer Segment" in landscape is a prime example of this.

      4. I kept getting "Session busy. Please retry later on" in the Storm Tracking workbook.


      Otherwise, I think it's a good step in the right direction but it does feel like navigating a webpage rather than an iPad app. I found myself pausing and stalling a bit when I was using it.


      I'll post more feedback later.



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          Francois Ajenstat

          Thanks for the feedback Man Wei. I have shared your comments and suggestions with the dev team. There is definitely some performance work to do which should improve your issues #1 and 4. If you continue to run into issues we may want to analyze your log files to better understand where the bottlenecks are.


          Keep the comments coming.



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            James Baker

            Regarding #3-good:


            The popups are designed to be "scale independent", meaning that they pop up at what should be a normal size regardless of whether you're zoomed in or not (with the viewport).  Even at 100%, a normal filter item is 19px high while our finger-optimized popups give each item 44px I believe.


            Regarding #3-bad:

            There is a known bug where trying to scroll/pan the page/viewport doesn't work when you touch a viz even if that viz itself doesn't have any scroll(bars).  So, this should get better - but it still remains as a fundamental conceptual problem.  Sometimes you just have to zoom out and zoom in.


            Fun fact: If you manage to get stuck by zooming in and then panning yourself completely into a map area, "double-tap" (based on Safari's 'smart zoom') still serves to get you out of what we call the "roach motel" problem.


            James - developer on mobile team

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              I have found the iPad rendering to be good. 


              However, multiple value list quick filters are giving me problems... When I select a value it selects the value just above the intended selection...  At first I thought I was not being accurate with my selection but I was able to reproduce the experience...

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                I installed the beta 2 version of server and professional today...  Using an ipad with V2 does solve the multiple value quick filter issue I raised earlier today. 


                The slider handles are not working.  When I try to use a slider filter the new control pops up, but there are not handles to change the parameter around (I tried moving them anyway and it didn't work).

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                  . shoesiq

                  Question:  Where do you get the iPad software?  We have not installed the server software b/c we wanted to make sure we had the iPad app.





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                    Francois Ajenstat

                    The iPad app *will* be available in the Apple AppStore when 6.1 releases. However, you can already start using the touch optimized capabilities by connecting to your Tableau Server 6.1 with mobile Safari. You will get all of the touch capabilities optimized for the iPad from within the browser. The app is (in a way) more of a convenience factor to easily access your views stored in Tableau Server. Check out http://www.tableausoftware.com/about/blog/2011/05/mobile-bi-data-your-fingertips for more info.


                    In the meantime I would encourage you to install the Server and test out the touch capabilities from your iPad.


                    Let us know how it goes and if you have any feedback.

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                      John Abdo

                      Will the iPad app support ssl VPN connectivity? I assume that this means that the iPad app needs to have a nominal browser client to facilitate the initial browser based authentication. Most large companies that I have worked with have switched to ssl vpn's from the older IPSec, so I think this will be a very important if not essential feature of the iPad app.


                      John Abdo

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                        Francois Ajenstat

                        Hi John - this is a capability that is independent of the Tableau app. If you have a VPN client on your iPad and can connect to your work network through it and after that Tableau will be able to connect to the appropriate server insider the firewall. This is something that I've been doing for a while now. VPN on the iPad works very well.


                        Let me know if you are able to do some testing of this in your environment and how things work.


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                          John Abdo

                          Thank you Francois. As soon as I receive the app, I will test it, but I doubt that the app will work with the newer breed of "ssl" vpn solutions without an embedded browser client just to facilitate the user authentication. I will let you know.

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                            Ben Sullins
                            Greetings, I've been testing with Server 6.1 Beta 1 and have the following to report:
                            1. The responsiveness is not acceptable. I will try updating to Beta 2 and see how that goes and reply with an update. The situation I have is I am on our internal engineering WiFi network with a strong signal hitting a stand-alone physical Tableau Server with 24GB of RAM and 16 cores looking at a workbook with about 300 rows imported. Clicking on a bar in a chart takes several seconds. Ideally this would be almost instantaneous.
                            2. The auto-sizing does not work properly. After adding url switches I was able to make this work a bit better but it would be nice for the viz to auto-size appropriately without having to use a separate link. Basically it tries to bring everything into view so if there is a comment box or toolbar on top the actual size of the viz is reduced. I would prefer for the viz to be the main focal point when opening the page and have the comments and toolbars require scrolling.
                            3. Hierarchies cannot be expanded. I may just be missing something but it does not appear that I can drill-down on any of the hierarchies inside a viz. This is a big blocker for us considering our users typical behavior is to start with a high-level aggregate viz and drill-down where they want to find more detail.
                            Overall the experience has not impressed me. I am a huge fan of your software so I hope these things can be addressed prior to release. If we aren't able to fix at the very least the performance I'm afraid I will not be able to release this to our users at this time. It's especially difficult when vendors like RoamBI present incredibly powerful UI experiences on the iPad. As noted, I'll try the Beta 2 and see if any of these issues are resolved. Thanks! Ben
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                              Ben Sullins

                              After updating to Beta 2 the performance issues are much improved. The auto-sizing and hierarchy issues are still prevalent however.




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                                James Baker

                                I believe we've fixed both problems reported by Gus.


                                In-viz drilling (Hierarchies and Dates) will not be a feature available in this release of our mobile client.  You can use Hierarchical Quickfilters still, but the on-hover drill "+/-" affordances do not have a mobile counterpart yet.  The Legend Highlighting button is another feature that is temporarily but notably lacking.  We remain committed to providing these features in due time and in maintaining functional parity between our web and mobile clients, but they will not be included in the 6.1 release.


                                Re auto-sizing: Most of our effort this cycle went into polishing fixed-size dashboards authored at the "iPad sizes" provided in Desktop.  I agree that the auto-sizing behavior is not very good on iPads - effectively it tries to clumsily undo your viewport-zooms by resizing the dashboard.  We're going to improve this, but I don't think this particular fix is going to make the initial 6.1 release.  We're also going to continue to work on improving performance, of course.


                                Changing the UI chrome surrounding the logged-in using-the-web-with-Server experience (the masthead & "comments" line) is not a high priority here, as we presume people will be using the iPad App to navigate to, and view, Tableau Server content the vast majority of the time.

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                                  Ben Sullins

                                  Thanks James. I did try creating a fixed size dashboard and it worked pretty well. In the iPad app will the viz include the comments line and masthead? I'm just wondering if it would be an issue there as well.

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                                    James Baker

                                    The iPad app does not have the usual masthead and comments -- it has an extra toolbar that belongs to the App.  The difference between the size of the App toolbar and the chrome of Mobile Safari is small enough that we specify one size for both.

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