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    Likert Scale with different scales: how to calculate the % dynamically?

    Rina Bongsu-Petersen

      I'm analyzing a survey that uses different scales: some questions have scale from 1-4, some have 1-5 up to 1-8. I'd like to calculate the % according to the scale, for example, for questions with scale 1-4, I'd like to calculate % respondents who answer 3 & 4. For scales 1-5, % respondents who answer 4 & 5, etc.


      Currently, I put them into two worksheets: 1 group for questions with scale 1-4 and 1 group for questions with scale 1 - over 4. For the latter group, I calculate the % respondents who answer 4 and over.


      I attached the workbook. I'd love to hear any advice/suggestions you have.