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    OLAP Users

    Ed Egan

      I realize that OLAP users are far and in between all the other Tableau users out there.  Most of all the forums are useless to us because when it comes to using an OLAP data source, Tableau doesn’t offer the same functionality as demonstrated in its demos or written about in papers and forums whereby other types sources are used (files, sql tables, etc..).  On that note, if there any OLAP users out there that ever want to throw something my way please feel free to email me at ede@themembersgroup.com  Not to say I answer your questions, but maybe.  In exchange I hope to meet some other OLAP users out there of which I hope to be able to use as sources as well.  Thanks.

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          guest contributor

          Hey EJEgan,


          Thanks for the offer. I am looking for someone who can work with too. There are so many limitation (or difference) when interacting with OLAP cubes...

          I will e-mail you to get some advice.



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            Daniel Upton


            Yes, the Tableau functionality against OLAP sources is dramatically different and, notwithstanding the major analytic bennies that OLAP delivers to Tableau out of the box, is limited in terms of Tableau-based customization.  As an Analysis Services OLAP developer, however, I'm lucky to get to build my own custom MDX expressions and/or sets in the cube to support specific Tableau requirements.  Having said that, the Tableau documentation on using OLAP data sources is, tragically, almost non-existent.  In the short-run, therefore, it's best to build the working relationship with your OLAP developers.


            Of course, I'm happy to interact with you people on this topic.  Let's keep the conversation going.




            Daniel Upton