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    Tableau - Side by Side bar Charts

      Hello Experts,


      I've been using Tableau to look at Insurance Product data.  Great product, but I'm having trouble finding out how to create side by side bar charts.  Tableau uses stacked bar, which to our organization, is good in only limited cases.  Here is a scenario.  Compare a product type with current year and prior year, side by side for each period (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).  I managed to show a variance bar chart, but senior management is used to looking at it side by side. 

      Then to push the envelope a little, show a line chart on the same graph showing if they hit plan.  You end up having three series.  Its easy to read, and it is what they have used for decades.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Joe Mako

          Can you provide some sample data that represents your situation, and mock-up what you want the end result to look like?

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            I've provide a simple example.  Hope this is enough to go on.

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              Joe Mako

              How about something like the workbook I attached at The specified item was not found. It is a combination of what I consider a clustered bar chart and a line chart.

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                The solution in the link you provided uses a level parameter (a calculated field based on a term placed in the data to determine data bins), incrementing the distance of each bar 0.25.  To me that is a lot of extra data manipulation to get what is usually something called a multiple series. Using a date for the interval (a very common practice) won't work in this case, as it is not practical to add a fraction to a date when the date is on the axis.  Is there some methodology of doing this without the extra data manipulation.  I don't mean to sound critical of the product (which I think preforms very well in other aspects), but please take as feedback, side bar charts has been an industry standard since charting was conceived.    Not having this functionality built in is disappointing (at least to me).  It is the way most people prefer to compare two data series, and is almost always a given when doing data analytics. 

                I understand the software is designed to present the data differently than conventional graphing software.  It would be nice to see this a future development.



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                  Joe Mako

                  I agree Scott, a clustered column/bar chart is missing from the charting options in Tableau, and the method I shared with you is something of a kludge to force Tableau to draw a what looks like a clustered chart.


                  It would be very nice if this was a chart option. I recommend you post a thread in the "Wouldn't it be nice.." section of this forum describing why you think this would be worthwhile addition and a use case.

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                    Kevin Denman

                    Hi Joe,


                    I am trying to make a similar chart. I cannot find the link that you said you shared with Scott, would you mind sending it to me?