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    Conditional Titles

    Andy Cotgreave


      I've used the calc field in this thread before - if more than one item is selected in a filter, it returns a value higher up a hierarchy (ie Region, not Product). In the attached, I show a tweaked version where I return "All" if all items are selected, or the item name if just one is selected - I use a single-select filter to be sure it's always one or all items. Again, I have used this in other workbooks just fine.


      However, the problem comes when I try to add pills to the Row shelf. The "working" sheet shows how the good title works well - it shows "All" when "All" is selected in the filter. However, the "not working" sheet has a problem. I've added Customer Name and now the titles don't do what I want at all. The maddening thing here is that I have a workbook where I can add/remove pills and it works, but I cannot see the technical difference between them,


      Any ideas?