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    Date parameter with dynamic current value

    . Richardriver



          I have created a report using a date paramenter to create a "as of:" reports. I am trying to substitue  a tableau report for a bunch of excel reports that are strored in the server everyday. People go back to these report depending of the date of the report.  The report that I created in tableau works excellent by replacing all those reports and several versions of those reports. However, the the date parameter's current value can not be changed. We want the customer to open the report and automatically show on the parameter control "yesterday's date" which is the lates version of the report. I have tried to use range of values but the current value doesnt change unless I change it manually.


      Also, the date parameter control shows as a calendar in the tableau client but once is published to the server, the 'useful' calendar is lost.


      If you can help me to solve this, I would really appreciate.