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    Access 2010 Data Source - String Comparison Error

    Andre Uys

      Good day,


      I have a simple table in Access containing two integer fields, 2 text fields (Branch = 3 char and Type=25 char) and a double field, total of 9864 rows.


      Whether I connect live or import the data to desktop I get a cryptic error "String Comparison Error".


      When I drag either of my text field to the filter column, I get a little more information on the error.

      "The parameter is incorrect.

      Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'Type'. Displayed data may be incorrect."


      This error repeats for my Branch text field also.


      If I export the table to XLSX, keeping the formatting in Access, no problems.


      How do I resolve this, as I want to use Access as the main source for all my data ? (Using Access and Excel 2010)


      Thank you