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        All I can say is "WOW!"

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          Jason Krantz



          Were you able to get this to work? We are currently looking at where our volume out of each plant is shipping to in the US. I would like to overlay the concentric circles indicating the shipping radius from the plants to see what customers could potentially be moved to another, closer plant to reduce freight costs. Let me know if you were able to get it to work. Thanks!

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            Joe Mako

            Tableau Guy,


            I have a method for multiple mark types on a map background, so if you can post a sample data set that represents your situation and describe the result you want, and example can be made for you.

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              Jason Krantz



              Attached is a fiction data set showing the volume out of a fictional Chicago, IL plant. For arguments sake, I might want to see what customers are within a 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mile range from the Chicago plant.


              The customers on the west coast are clear outliers to this delivery range, but some of the customers on the west side of Missouri are on the border. The rings around Chicago would help to easily see what volume should potentially be transferred.


              I’d also like to have the ability to see where overlap of plants ranges might be happening to see where volume shifts could potentially happen.


              Ultimately, I am looking for something similar to Richard Leeke’s “Circular Reference Bands” tab in his “circles_rl2.twbx” workbook above. I specifically like the ability to be able to select what locations (plants in my example or “ID” in his model) you want the circles around and how you can also define the distance separating each circle. I have been trying to incorporate it into my workbooks, but am not having luck.


              Many thanks in advance for your help!

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                Jason Krantz

                Been playing around with this some more and think I am getting close......

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Richard & Joe thanks so much for this great radius tool!


                  I've attached a workbook I put together based on your work. I needed to convert your calculations from km to miles, so I changed your formulas to 6371*1.61 in each of the calculated fields. This seems to work, but I don't know much trig so I'm not completely sure. Is this correct? (FYI: the file was done in 7 Beta 8.)


                  Thanks again --Shawn

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                    Richard Leeke

                    Yes, the sums are correct (though actually the factor is the other way up to the way you quote it in your comment above) - but what you have in your formula works because of the order of evaluation of operators.  The formula might be slightly clearer if instead of this:


                    DEGREES( ASIN(SIN(RADIANS([Latitude]))*COS(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/6371*1.61) +

                    COS(RADIANS([Latitude]))*SIN(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/6371*1.61)*COS(RADIANS([Degree]))) )


                    you said this:


                    DEGREES( ASIN(SIN(RADIANS([Latitude]))*COS(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/(6371 / 1.61)) +

                    COS(RADIANS([Latitude]))*SIN(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/(6371 / 1.61))*COS(RADIANS([Degree]))) )


                    or even:


                    DEGREES( ASIN(SIN(RADIANS([Latitude]))*COS(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/3959) +

                    COS(RADIANS([Latitude]))*SIN(([Distance in Miles]*[Radius])/3959)*COS(RADIANS([Degree]))) )



                    Cool viz, by the way.  I've been playing around with geocoding a bit recently - experimenting with "growing my own" filled areas.  I hadn't really taken in what you can do with the built-in data layer from the background map options - it's only US data so not really relevant to me.  But seeing how that works may just provide some useful ideas for what I'm doing.



                    Have you seen the series of postings on Robert Mundigl's Clearly and Simply site discussing site catchment analysis (i.e. how many people live within a certain distance of a given location).  Robert did a couple of great initial postings - one back in Tableau version 5 days and then one when version 6 came along.  I then chipped in with some other ways of doing things in version 6.  Robert also added a couple more postings doing the same analysis (and more!) using Excel.  Some of those postings might just have some useful ideas for what you're doing.

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Thanks for confirming the math Richard. I'll simplify as you suggested and just use 3959. And I'll definitely check out Robert's stuff. This forum sure is great at building on ideas. Glad you liked what you guys helped me build. Thanks again.



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                        Andy Cotgreave

                        Good work Richard!

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          Richard (& Joe) here's a strange twist. I was in the beginning stage of converting the Lubbock workbook to a Colorado Springs version. I changes the circles excel file and started editing the connections. The first one I brought in (the Income worksheet in the attached) worked fine, but now instead of the circles getting bigger and smaller as I change the radius filter the map zooms in and out and the circle stays the same. Which is really cool, but not the behavior I was looking for. So besides the basic what's going on question:


                          1. How can I recreate this in the future?

                          2. How do I fix this now?


                          Thanks for the help.



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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            Looks like it's a Beta issue. When I zoomed in and out a couple of times the circles started behaving as expected. --Shawn

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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              Turns out not to be a Beta issue either. If you want the circles to get bigger and smaller then pin/fix the axis. If you want the map to zoom in/out under fixed circles then un-pin axis. (Thanks for the explanation Francois.)




                              PS: The attached files are the wacky stuff that happens when building these circles :)

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                                Richard Leeke

                                Who needs a spirograph when you've got Tableau?

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                                  Gregg Thomas

                                  I love this view with the concentric circles...we are trying to use this same build, but when I get to adding the circle longitude formula I'm getting the "all fields must be aggregate or constant" error.  When I use your workbook and replace the data connection with my file, it works...but when I build my own workbook I get the error.  Any ideas on what i'm missing?