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    How to use a filter to control ONLY those sheets selected in a dashboard

    Joseph Camp

      I have 4 sheets (all from the same data source) loaded into a single dashboard.  I am trying to figure out how to use selected filters to control 1-4 of the sheets in that dashboard only.  When I make global the filter controls all sheets and all dashboards.  For example: one sheet in the dashboard is a monthly line trend chart, the other 3 are circle charts.  When I filter month, I want that filter to control only the 3 circle charts found on that dashboard, not the montly line trend chart, and not other sheets unassociated with the dashboard.  Another filter could be brand and I want it to control 2 of the circle charts and the monthly line trend chart but not the other sheets or dashboards unassociated with the dashboard I am working with.  Is this possible?