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    Very simple question: Creating a line chart/fever chart of month-to-month sales

    Napo Monasterio

      OK, I'm sorry to be bothering everyone with this silly question, but it just has me stumped:


      I've got a spreadsheet with month-to-month vehicle sales. First column is make and model, then each column is the amount of vehicles sold. Each vehicle is on a row.


      Everything imports just fine, but then I simply cannot an option to create a line chart.


      The fields that I have are a string for make and model, then three measures for each month (plus measure names and number of records and measure values). The monthly sales are not getting imported as discrete, FYI.


      I've tried changing different values to discrete, to no avail. I can create bar charts, dual axis charts, but not simple bar charts. Go figure.


      What am I doing wrong here? I've visualized other data before with Tableau (love it), but this one just has me stumped. And it shouldn't be a complicated thing, which is what has me even more at odds. Am I supposed to convert any of the methods, or create new parameters, or move something to dimensions, or what?


      I can reorganize the data without a problem, if that's the issue. Right now all I'm doing is prototyping some applications for an upcoming project.


      Thanks in advance!