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    Can a drill-down be turned off in a dashboard?

      I have a horizontal bar chart with Region Name as a row; the field is the top level of a hierarchy (Geography (this is the hierarchy name) > Region Name > Country).  When the mouse hovers over the Region Name column a plus sign appears and clicking on it drills-down to the Country level.  I don't want the users to drill-down to the Country level so is there an easy way to turn the drill-down option off?


      Region Name is a globally used field in several other worksheets so I'd rather not make a calculated field.

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          Joe Mako

          My first thought would be to duplicate the field. This would create a calculated field, and the formula would simply be:



          [Region Name]


          This would allow you to place it on the worksheet and not gain the hierarchy interaction.


          What situations do you experience when you duplicate the field, making it a calculated field?


          What if you place your original Region Name filed on the Level of Detail shelf in addition to having the calculated field version on the Rows shelf?

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            Creating a calculated field named "Regional Name" and replacing the db field "Region Name" works per your first suggestion...just have to go through 10 reports and make the change, along with the worksheet reformatting.  But this way allows me to filter on zero to many regions in the quick filter.


            I don't understand your last two questions.  Well, the last question is very curious.

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              Joe Mako

              In your first post, you had said you did not want to make it a calculated field, I was curious as to why you did not want to use a calculated field. It seems that the factor was that changing it to a calculated field would mean a repetitive task to update all the worksheets. Maybe if there was some kind of way to perform a find and replace in Tableau, but I am not sure about the use cases for it, too many variances I think. When I face a situation where I expect a bunch of repetitive clicks to update the same thing on many sheets, I'll write a quick one-off script to edit the XML.


              My second question was trying to think of possible resolutions to possible situations where turning it into a calculated field would be an issue, and the one I was thinking of was Actions. Filter and highlight actions already in place could be affected by a change in dimension on worksheets, so moving it to the level of detail shelf would not affect the operations of those actions if they were already in place. For example if you had an action and you had specified the Region Name as a target field, removing the field Region Name from the worksheet would cause the action to not work until you fixed it (and sometimes messing with actions after they are already in use can cause what I consider ghost action filters to be retained).

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                Ah, thanks for the clarification in your second paragraph. I understand the logic now.


                First paragraph:  Yes, I didn't want to take the calculated field route but I had to since there isn't a simple toggle to turn on/off the drill-down of a field.  If I were more proficient with XML and understood the Tableau syntax then a script would be a good idea but, alas, neither is in the cards for me.  BTW, what scripting tool do you use for making the changes?

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                  Joe Mako

                  When I want to write a script, I'll use a text editor and write some vbscript. I am sure php, perl, java, and many others would be just as good, if not better. The only reason I use vbscript is because it is what I know, and doesn't require any additional software to be installed or compiled to run on a windows machine. All you need is something that can parse an XML structure.

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                    Cool, thx.  Back in the day I used AWK (http://www.tasoft.com/tawk.html) to parse formatted text output (think COBOL report output...not rich text, LOL!) from a phone switch and dump the output in to a .csv so it could be imported into MS Access and allow me to make Excel reports.  Technology has come a long way since!

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                      John Mogielnicki

                      I'm struggling with a similar issue.  I have a date field and I do not want the user to be able to drill down within dates.  My post is here: http://community.tableau.com/thread/118028