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    scatter plots: quadrant-specific colors & unique axis labels

    Jessica Waverka

      Hi -- I can't figure out for the life of me how to do the following:


      1) for a scatter plot, I'd like each of the quadrants to have a different background color associated with them


      2) for both axis --- instead of displaying "1", "2", "3", I'd like it to display "low", "medium."


      I can't figure out how to address #1 for the life of me (well besides background images that don't seem to work, but for #2, I was able to create a calculated field of if statements that *seem* to work, but not sure where to drag it to get it display properly. I have screenshots of what I am trying to do, if that is helpful I'd be happy to send it along.






      Calculated Field is as following:


      if [Likelihood] <2 then "Low"

      elseif [Likelihood] <3 then "Medium"

      elseif [Likelihood] <4 then "High"


      "Very High"