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    Extract from multiple tables

    Laszlo Gyimesi

      I'm a new user to Tableau 6.0, and I would like to create a dashboard on multiple tables from the same Teradata database.

      I connect to Teradata, select the first table called BILL. Then I add another table (ACCOUNT), and join them using ACCT_ID.


      Because the BILL table on Teradata side contains 100s of millions of rows, I would like to use a 10.000 row sample extract. I go and create the Extract.


      When I go back to the worksheet, my ACCOUNT table is disappeared, I have only those fields available, which are in BILL table. When I remove the thick from Data/Extract, my ACCOUNT fields are back.


      So my quesiton is: how can I make extract from BILL and ACCOUNT TABLE at the same time, so I can use these extract while I'm developing the dashboard (from performance point of view)