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    dynamic axis labels and dynamic formatting of values when using parameters

    Rohan Dhanashri

      I want to show the variation of sales, quantity, YOY sales and YOY quantity using a single line chart. I created a parameter and used it in a calculated field called 'Performance' and i am plotting Performance with time. The problems i am facing -

      1. The axis label always shows 'Performance'. I want it to show the value of the selected parameter.

      2. I want the value in the tooltip and on the Y axis to be formatted correctly - sales should be in $, YOY should be in % with one decimal place and quantity should just be a number.

      3. I would like to see a trend line on the line chart only when the P-value is less than .05


      I have attached a sample workbook and data. It would be great if the solution does not require changing the structure of data. One more data structure that I can work with is a structure where the data is rolled up at region-week level. Then we can have YOY sales and YOY quantity as columns in the data file. Other data structures can be like a last resort.