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    When will Tableau using ETL & mobile?

    Emre Kartal

      I interested about the ETL tools and we have many unlogical rows which are need to convert and read by ETL tool.  We don't want to use converter for Tableau.

      Ex: Source(SQL,Excel...)-->Converter(ETL Tool)--->Tableau

      We need to use this converter because our source code are not include logical keyword.

      Ex: +-*m_call+-*  ---> converter---->Mail Call

      Has Tableau got ETL option?

      next question is;

      will it work on mobile devices? (Because of ipad :) )

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Emre,


          Tableau does not have a standalone ETL tool. A number of features in Tableau Desktop have grown from the need to reshape and clean data, including: field aliases, ad-hoc groups, sets, calculated fields and pivoting on measure names / values. We are interested in broader challenges around cleaning, shaping and integrating data but I cannot comment on a timeline or roadmap for additional features or dedicated tools.



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            Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood

            I've found Pentaho Kettle does the business for easy enough ETL alongside Tableau - http://kettle.pentaho.com/


            Kettle's well worth a look at for dealing with multiple data sources if you need to get them all into a single place for joining when using them in Tableau (as I have). And, as Robert's said, there's enough data-centric features in Tableau you don't have to deal with everything in the ETL. The auto date hierarchies are great.