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    Find hidden worksheets! Index generally of sheets

    Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood
      It's mentioned a bit around the place: dealing with lots of sheets and hidden sheets particularly needs some love.
      • It's too easy to lose/orphan a sheet - if it's not on a dashboard and you hide it, it's a matter of editing the XML to get it back (if undo has passed). You can't even see it's still around without delving into a text editor
      • Need to be able to take bulk actions on sheets - hide all sheets, show all, toggle visibility of a group/selection
      • Some sort of searchable popup list of all sheets/dashboards, the nature of showing little bits of information means the number of sheets blows out a bit
      • Be able to group sheets logically so they're easier to manage/select for use in deashboards
      All that and more (like a summary of what data connections/sheet) would be most helpful. - Nathaniel